Varmt välkommen

Hi, my name is Gerrit and  I’m interested in science in general and insights in particular, besides restoring plenty of messed-up espresso machines and collecting and listening to records. Plus travelling to the Nordics a couple of times per year.

Professionally, I’ve focused on the development of data-driven business and efficiency models, the transformation of both medium-sized and larger organisations in competitive markets increasingly dominated by the digital economy. I’m currently the Chief Digital Officer of the ADAC Group in Munich.

PS: The picture shows me happily at Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach in Iceland.

Ex Cathedra

I have been collecting records since my earliest access to funds. Fun fact: I also listen to them. A selection of over 5.200 songs can therefore be found on my regularly updated Spotify playlist. The following links represent a small selection of memorable artists and bands, supplemented by the topics of technology, authors and espresso.

BANDS and Magicians